Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to T2T discussions!

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  1. T2T invites you to participate in the discussion of the most popular topics selected by our readers.
    You are also welcome to to submit your own topic of discussion (click on 'January 2013' in Blog archives menu).

    Some useful tips:
    1. To discuss T2T magazine content, please click on 2012 in Blog Archive menu.
    2. To view the full list of posts for this year, click on 2013 in Blog Archive menu.
    3. Before submitting your comment/reply, you should choose your preferred profile setting from the "Select profile" drop down menu.
    We recommend to use your Google account in the profile menu to simplify communications with the blog users as well as for allowing email notifications and Atom RSS blog activity feed in your browser.
    Or, should you prefer, you can use "Anonymous" from the profile menu.

    This post is reserved for T2T announcements.